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upholstered custom headboard

Padded Headboard Project by Window Accents

My daughter bought a new bed and wondered out loud what to do about a headboard. I remembered an old upholstered one that has been in my basement for years. She was interested, but, oh, did it need to be updated!

We started by taking off all the old fabric. Off came the roll around the edge with its gathered fabric covering. Off came the flat center fabric. Off came the thin padding underneath. It wasn’t too long before only the wood was left.

headboard upholstery

The solid color provided the clean look my daughter was looking for, but it needed more form and a little pizazz. Silver upholstery nails were the answer. We added a whole row of them close to the edge along the top and down the two sides.

upholstered custom headboard

The nails gave the headboard depth and distinction. Once we covered the back with the remaining fabric, we were done.

Because the bed is the largest element in a room, it provides one of the easiest ways to update a bedroom décor. Change the bedspread to complement the headboard, throw a few new pillows on it, and you have a completely new look without having to buy new furniture.

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September 29, 2017