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Scarf Swag Window Treatments on Medallions – Cincinnati, OH

I love being able to help people find ways to make their homes uniquely their own. Dan and Leslie called me to help with several rooms in their home. This particular window is in a grand stairway. Because it is an over sized specialty shaped window, it provides an opportunity to really do something unique. They liked the idea of fabric just draped around the window. Of course, that is never quite as easy as it sounds.

If you look closely, you will see this is an eyebrow shaped window, where the top of the window has a slight arc to it, like a person’s eyebrow. Because of the scale of the window, I needed to find medallions that would be large enough to fit proportionally. Most medallions are in the 3 – 4” range and I just didn’t think that would serve us well.

Scarf Swag Window Treatments on Medallions – Create More Visual Interest and a Unique Way

I found these great square medallions from Orion. They are 6” and then we mounted them on the diagonal to give us a more interesting shape to compliment this specialty window. By adding the two on the sides of the window, we were able to visually break up the long line that would have been created if the fabric had been allowed to just hang freely down the sides.

Instead of just using the medallion to “hold back” the fabric, we wrapped the fabric around the medallion, creating even more visual interest and a unique way to finish off the treatment. Simple, yet unique. Dan and Leslie had talked to several designers before selecting to work with me. When I asked why they chose me, Dan said “Because you listened to what we wanted”. I consider that my highest compliment.


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August 14, 2015