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Unifying Different Heights of Windows

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decorating different height windows

What do you do when you have two windows in the same room at different heights?

My client faced this unusual situation in her dining room after the previous owner did some remodeling. The windows were nearly the same size, but one was placed much higher on the wall. We couldn’t figure out why, but we needed to give the room a more cohesive look.

odd height draperies

Notice the two odd height windows. We needed a custom solution to make this look great.

The solution was draperies that extended from above the windows to the floor. We mounted the rods at the same height, leaving some wall space above each window. The drapes pooled on the floor below each window. Even though the spaces above and below the windows are different, the matching tall draperies draw your attention away from the differences in the windows. They take the eye off the window and into the room, creating a nice, comfortable, balanced look.

decorating different height windows

This is the end result. What a lovely look for a beautiful home!


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October 1, 2017