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Upholstered Cornice for Arch Window – Custom Curtains Cincinnati Ohio

This arch window is one that we see often in the Cincinnati area. Like this one, they are usually over the kitchen sink, between two cabinets. I have designed all types of treatments for this type of window, ensuring that although my clients may have the exact window, we can still treat it uniquely. With this upholstered cornice board we did just that.

Lisa’s taste leans toward the contemporary. She likes abstract designs on fabric and wanted a treatment a bit different. We got out the pencil and paper and went to work brainstorming some ideas right at her kitchen table. She didn’t want to really cover the window and block the light, but still wanted to add some fabric. What we settled on was this upholstered cornice board that was cut to fit the exact shape of the window.

Designing Upholstered Cornice for Arch Window

I had to make a template of the window, taping paper over the whole space and tracing the outline of the window. Then an exact pattern was made to cut the cornice board. Cornices are made out of wood so they can be cut to any shape. We then outlined the shaped edge of the cornice with a twist cord made of three colors to coordinate with the fabric.

I feel this small contrast with the fabric serves to highlight the cut out shape. You can see from the photo, that once the cornice was installed, it followed the line of the window exactly. Lisa was thrilled with the outcome. Another happy window!


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August 17, 2015