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Upholstered Cornice Window Treatments – Cincinnati, OH

Upholstered cornice boards are really one of my favorite window treatments. I think I like them for their versatility. They can be made masculine or feminine, simple or elaborate, straight and tailored or intricately carved into a shape.

For this dining room, the couple had chosen a rustic elegance theme. They loved to cook and entertain guests for dinner. A new table and hutch had been purchased that were heavy and chunky with a farmhouse look. We certainly needed a strong window treatment to compliment those pieces. It couldn’t be dainty or it just wouldn’t balance out the room.

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The beauty of an upholstered cornice window treatments

The beauty of upholstered cornices is that they are made out of wood, so they can be cut into any shape that you like. I have used this style a couple of times, always with great success. A triangle is cut out of the faceboard and then a contrasting insert is attached behind. The brown in the main fabric was about the same color tone of the wood in the new furniture.

The gold pattern brightened it up so as not to appear too dark and dull. By using the gold for the contrast fabric we lightened it even more, adding just enough “pop” to the window. It is always so fun to find trims to match the fabrics exactly. I found twist cording made from the exact brown and gold colors that we used to highlight the separation of the two boards and bring attention to the dimension created with the varying depths. I just love a happy client!


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August 17, 2015