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Using Motifs to Gain Height on Lower Windows

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custom motif on lower windows

Balancing Tall Walls and Low Windows with Motifs

When I entered my new client’s living room, I knew right away we were going to have to get creative with her windows. They appeared to be too small for the scale of her walls. She had two windows on the same wall that were mounted low to the floor, with quite a bit of space between the top of the window and the ceiling.

Usually in a case like this, the windows are installed to look great from the street, as hers did. But they can create challenges on the inside. Happily, we can easily compensate by adding decorative elements.

The solution for this client was to use a decorative faux iron motif to raise the apparent height of the window. There is a wide variety of Tableax ® Custom Motifs that have the look and feel of real iron. They are lightweight so they can be used in a variety of applications, even ceilings. They are crafted to size so we had no worries about finding one that fit.

The client chose an arched motif over each window. They gave the appearance of height and changed the visual shape of the windows. We matched the finish to the bronze color of the drapery rods, which were mounted above the Tableaux. Tall draperies and the taller-looking window brought the room back into balance. The customer was thrilled with the results.

custom motif on lower windows

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October 8, 2017