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Vertical Shades are the Perfect Solution for a Window/Sliding Door Wall

Adding Window Treatments to a Room Addition

We were privileged to be asked to help some Loveland homeowners finish out their new room addition. A 12-foot wide wall of windows overlooked an inviting patio and deck, their backyard, and sweeping green lawns beyond. Windows on the side walls added to the open feeling of the room. The homeowners explained that while they loved the view and the openness during the day, they wanted privacy at night. We needed a product that would work for both the side windows and the window wall.

I quickly realized that the Hunter Douglas Duette Architella line of honeycomb shades was exactly what they needed. Available in both horizontal and vertical configurations, we could match the side window coverings with the one on the window wall. With dozens and dozens of fabric styles and colors, I knew we could find the perfect shade.

The couple selected a semi-opaque fabric so that on really hot or really cold days, the room would still be light if they closed the shades to take advantage of the insulating qualities of the shades. The Duette Architella honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction provides extra layers of insulation and sound-proofing. That helps keep the heat and air conditioning bills down during extreme weather like we’ve been having lately.

We agreed on standard horizontal bottom-up shades on the side windows. Then we chose center draw Vertiglide shades in the same fabric to cover the sliding door and adjacent windows. These vertical shades glide smoothly no matter how wide they are. A magnetic closure keeps the panels together without gaps when they are closed and is easy to open. My clients were happy to learn that the Vertiglide shades stack in a 7-inch space at either side, so they didn’t lose any of their view.

Duette shades can be ordered for almost any size or shape of window. I’d be happy to show you how they can enhance the look of any room in your home.


The Hunter Douglas Duette Architella Vertiglide shades stacked to the left and right of the patio door take up so little space you hardly notice them.

Hunter Douglas Duette Architella shades come in horizontal and vertical folds. These semi-opaque shades with ¾” pleats let some light into the room during the day. Sheer and opaque options are also available, and you can choose different pleat sizes.

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February 1, 2018