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Pleated Drapes and Sheers Window Treatments on Double Traverse Rod – Cincinnati, OH


There are so many different ways to treat a window for privacy, light control, and decoration. Some windows call for blinds or shades and at other times functioning draperies are the answer. By functioning draperies, I mean that the traverse, or travel, back and forth, opened and closed. Many will say that is what their grandmothers had. Right! And they are very much in style today, too.

In this master bedroom, Barbara wanted a softer look than blinds could offer. In addition, there was a large sliding glass door that she wanted coordinate with the other windows in the room. We chose to use a double traverse rod and fabricate both sheers and an overdrapery. The double rod has a back track for the sheer and a front rod with track for the lined drapery.

During the daytime, the overdrapery can be opened to allow light in, yet maintain a level of privacy and sun control. At night, or when more privacy is needed, the lined overdrapery can be closed. It really provides great flexibility. It is also a great way to bring your personality into your decor.

Window Treatments on Double Traverse Rod

Sheer fabrics come in countless designs, from plain and traditional, to patterned and contemporary. You can even have a sheer in a color other than white or cream. And then the overdrapery is where your personality can shine. Decorator drapery fabrics are available from many vendors in colors and designs to match your other decor and give your room the finished touch. Barbara loved how the softness of the fabric treatments pulled the room together and coordinated her sliding glass door and window.


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August 13, 2015

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