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Window Treatments Pleated Drapery Styles on Rings – Cincinnati, OH

We have many historical neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Hyde Park is one of those. I love this neighborhood. The houses have such character and charm. Of course, older homes come with their own set of problems. One is draftiness and lack of insulation.

When Laura called me out to her home, she not only wanted to add beauty to her living room, but really needed a way to close off the windows on cold, winter days. The cafe custom shutters in these windows provide great privacy, especially in a neighborhood that is popular for walking the sidewalks. But because they only cover the bottoms of the windows, they don’t do much for insulation.

We decided to add simple, lined, drapery panels that can be closed when needed to block out the cold. We also called on a useful design trick when selecting the fabric. Laura’s furniture pretty much filled up the room, so by keeping the color of the draperies close to the wall color, we visually enlarged the space. A contrasting color would have made the room seem smaller.


Window Treatments Pleated Drapery Styles – Is A Stunning Design Choice

The pleated custom drapery is a tried and true, never go wrong, type of treatment. Appropriate for so many applications.
A really tricky part of this job was that the wall these windows are on was actually bowed outward slightly. A beautiful architectural feature but no so friendly for installing a straight rod! Fortunately, I found an adjustable bracket that we could swivel just a bit to accommodate the rod. Another great hardware selection from Orion!


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August 13, 2015