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Roman Shades are a hot trend.

Almost every home in a TV show today has a Roman Shade on the window.

These are much more decorative and exciting than the original version.

Originally the Roman Shade was simply a damp cloth placed over the window to stop dust, dirt, light and heat from entering the home. Roman Shade – you have come a long way baby!


Let’s explore the different styles of Roman Shades we use today.


We have the Classic Roman Shade that is simple and elegant. The shade lies flat when lowered and gently folds when raised.

Classic Roman Shade

Next, the London Roman Shade also lies flat when lowered but adds some drama with bottom folds of fabric, “dog ears”,  on each side.

London Roman Shade

The Relaxed Roman Shade is similar to the two we just saw by lying flat again when lowered but adds a gentle bottom “smile” effect for a curved, softer look.

Relaxed Roman Shade

The Knife Pleat Roman Shade tends to be more tailored and the interest comes from the pockets of sewn in dowel rods on the back of the shade that creates tailored seams in the front.

Knife Pleat Roman Shade

The reverse of the Knife Pleat is known as the Ribbed Pleat Roman Shade. The dowel rods for this shade are sewn into the front and create more dramatic, interesting seams.

Ribbed Pleat Roman Shade

Our last style, the Hobbled Roman Shade shows off it’s folds of fabric while raised or lowered making it perhaps the most decorative style.

Hobbled Roman Shade

Do you remember Roman Shades having an ugly tangled mass of cording on the side that you just couldn’t figure out what to do with? The solution is the Cordless One Control system by Horizon Window Fashions. This exclusive, patent-pending cordless lift system could be the reason that the Roman Shade has made such a come back lately. The Roman Shade is operated by a single simple control ring that is hidden behind the bottom hem allowing you to raise, lower and stop the shade in any position in between.


Simple, purposeful, decorative – what more could you want?

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