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Arch windows are everywhere; foyers, family rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms!

They are beautiful additions to our rooms, but what about controlling the amount of light that comes in?  In some rooms, it is desirable to leave them uncovered all the time.  In other rooms, such as west facing or bedrooms, the option of being able to close off the light is needed.  Fortunately there are options available, and in different price points.  If you don’t mind having a stationary arch treatment (open or closed only), a sunburst arch is a beautiful option.

But if flexibility is your goal, then you need to explore the options available for moveable arch treatments.

Today, let’s look at the Sunset Arch, made by Comfortex.  This is an operable cellular shade arch with the cellular fabric in the horizontal orientation.  It does not require a perfect arch shape.  The shade is operated manually by moving a little metal ball up or down.  It operates very easily and can be completely opened, closed, or left any where in between.  If the window is too high for you to reach, as is often the case, an extension wand is perfect to use

You can see an example of a sunset arch in this photo.  It is mounted over a cordless,  cellular shade below.

We will look at other arch shade treatments in upcoming blogs.  Stay tuned!