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Casement Fabric and Sheer Custom Curtains

We have several clients interested in sheer and casement window treatments. Today we are looking into casement fabrics. The definition of casement is:

Casual custom curtain fabric in loose or tight, open or closed, plain or novelty weave.  Often given interesting texture, color and pattern through tied complex-yarn arrangements and weave variations.

Sheer fabric is made using thin thread and/or low density of knit and which results in a semi-transparent and very light weight cloth. Some of these fabrics become totally transparent when wet.

So from the definitions we understand that casement fabric is different than sheer fabric and sheer window treatments. For more information on sheer fabrics you can look back at our blog click here.

Exploring Sheers and Casement Curtains

Like sheers, casement curtains allow light into the room but usually less than sheers. Casement fabrics are typically more loosely woven of thicker strands and the overall texture and appearance is heavier than sheer fabrics. They are better termed as semi-sheer and usually come in light natural colors although they are available in darker shades as well. Here are two close-ups to give you a better idea of the textures:

Butter Cream Casement folds

Schindlers Fabrics

Casement fabrics can absorb some sound to make the room a little quieter, soften architecture but not hide it, and can add a sensuous feel to the room without taken all the light away. When closed, the casement fabric curtains will give more privacy than a standard sheer.

Examples of Casement Fabrics

Linen, cotton, hemp, acrylic and polyester are some of the fibers used for casement fabrics. Our friends at RM Coco have a lovely selection, some of which are seen below:

RM Coco light casement fabrics


hemp casement fabricRM Coco greenish

Her are close-ups we took of a several RM Coco casement fabrics so you can see better detail of the great woven textures:

sheer curtains and casement fabricRM Coco 2RM Coco 3RM Cococasement fabric

We are fans of casement fabric as it blends so well into today’s decor trends. The popular look for what is termed rustic urban design, uses reclaimed woods, metal and natural materials for a winning combination of modern and old.

If you are interested in seeing and feeling some casement fabrics or any other decorator fabrics in the convenience of your own home, contact Kim today at 513-398-5798.

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