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This colorful valance was installed just last week into a lovely home in Mason, OH.  The homeowners were hosting a large wedding shower at their home and were thrilled to have their lower level complete before the party.  They told me they couldn’t stop looking at it,  words that thrill me, I assure you!  But it was what they said next that intrigued me the most.  She said, “I wish we had done something like this upstairs”.  The husband assured her by saying, “We had several professional opinions that the cornice was the way to go”.  Then they said to me, ” We just like the flowing lines better than the flat cornice”.


You see, I knew that because I ask lots of questions when I meet with homeowner’s for the first time.  We talk about their lifestyle, how the room is used, how they want to feel in a room.  We look at many photos, again asking questions.  I want to find out what designs, styles, and fabrics they are drawn to.  And maybe more importantly, what does not appeal to them.


I never walk into a home with a preconceived idea of what should be done on a window.  I don’t live there, and therefore it is not up to me alone.  I love to collaborate with the homeowner to find out what THEY are thinking.  We couple that with my experience and knowledge, and come up with the perfect design for THEM.  There are many great options for any one window and room.  And just like with the cornice story above, lots of great ideas and opinions.  But, I strive to deliver something more….

Something that brings that “I can’t stop looking at it ” reaction.

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