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Thinking About Wood Shutters for Your Doors?

Customers who are thinking about interior shutters for a room in their home are often worried about what to do about an exterior door in that same room. I tell them it’s no problem—we can put shutters on the door, too.

One thing to consider when looking at shutters for doors is where and what type the door handle is. Is there enough room between the handle and the edge of the glass to install the shutter? Or, as is often the case with lever handles, will the shutter need to be modified to clear the handle?

How Will the Shutters and Door Interact?

Consider also how you want the door and shutter to interact. Do you want to be able to open the door without adjusting the shutters? If so, you will want to mount the shutter on the door.

If you want the shutter to cover the entire door instead of just the glass, you may be able to install bypass shutter panels that can be pulled across when the door is closed. These work best when you have a sliding door. Then you simply slide the shutter out of the way when you want to open the outside door. Hinged and bi-fold shutters are also an option.

Hunter Douglas shutters come in unlimited stain and paint colors to match your room’s décor. If you have an unusually shaped window, we can usually handle that, too. Hunter Douglas can create blinds for oval, half round, slanted, arched, and triangular windows. I love their new motorized tilt option, especially for hard-to-reach windows.

door shutters for window treatments

Hunter Douglas shutters were customized to clear the handles and lock on this double door.

Hybrid wood shutters on a door

The top panel on this bypass shutter slides out of the way when the door needs to be opened.

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