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We love it. We need it.

Warmth, natural lighting, vitamin D, energy and attitude are just a few of the reasons why.

We hate it. It’s too much.

Intense heat, intense light, UV rays, and glare are a few of the reasons why we need to control it.

So here we have our standard double edged sword. We have skylights in our home for great natural lighting, but then there are times when it is just too much. What to do for Skylights Window Treatments?

The UV rays are bleaching objects in the room, the summer sun is making the room hot, and it’s just too bright in the morning when I want to sleep in.


Skylights Window Treatments:  Shades! And the most common – cellular.

There are a few companies that manufacture cellular shadings systems that adapt to angled windows. The first thought might be – why are there only a few? But after your second thought, you may realize that the angle of the skylight can pose a problem, as it lends itself to the sagging of the fabric. Cellular shade construction allows an unseen cord inside the cells to keep the shade taut.

Here are some photos from Graber:


Lutron shows us the various ways a shade can be installed for a skylight – inside the opening, recessed and close to the window or even on the outside. They offer a frame and tension shades for skylights:

Lutron skylight shading mounts      Lutron skylight shading

Comfortex has two shading systems available for skylights, the Soprano and the Balcony. The Soprano Skylight Shading System has a gear track that holds the fabric at any angle. The Balcony Skylight Shading System has a polycarbonate tracking system that forms a barrier around the edge of the shade for maximum energy-efficiency. Plus there are no exposed cords:

Comfortex cellular for skylights

Cellular Shades are a great choice for skylights as they are very energy-efficient in their construction. Cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer gets trapped in the pockets of the cells, and the more cells you add, the more energy-efficient.

Comfortex cellular

Hunter Douglas is able to make shadings for skylights from their Applause or Duette Architella lines. This allows you to get double cell or even triple cell construction. Depending on the fabric, you can not only diffuse the light, but by choosing a sheer and an opaque fabric, you have lots more options for control. The shadings are also available with top down, bottom up adjustments.

And speaking of control, Hunter Douglas has remote control shadings that can also work with your smart device or any home automation system for total control.

Hunter Douglas remote control

Our friends at EcoSmart have cellular shades for skylights:

EcoSmart skylight shades

And here is a photo from Lafayette:

Lafayette cellular shades for skylights

So if you have an awesome skylight in your home but wish you had a little bit more control over the sunshine it provides at different times of the day, you need to make an appointment to find out just how we can help. Call or email us to learn more about custom window shades

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