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Halloween is almost behind us . . .

What to do with all the pumpkins?

I was thinking today about Halloween decorations and having to take them all down in a couple of days, and put them all away, and then dig out the decorations for Thanksgiving, and then take those all down, and then dig out the decorations for Christmas . . .


Wow – there has to be an easier way. And there is if you think about it for a minute – it is simple addition and subtraction – or in this case – subtraction and addition.

Halloween decorations

I decided that next year I will work smarter and faster when I decorate. For Halloween decorations, I will not carve all the pumpkins, except for one or two, and leave the rest whole. They will last longer if left whole, and if I want, I can paint the one side.

I will also minimize the use of black for my other decorations. This will allow for a simple subtraction of the black and other really Halloweenish items when it comes to taking down the one holiday and putting up the next – There won’t be the whole “take down” and “put up” – but a little subtraction and addition!

The pumpkins can remain on the mantel and be turned with the painted side to the back. The ones on the table will be joined by some other Thanksgiving decorations such as leaves, other squash and gourds, and maybe some candles. This is the Addition part of the plan. Simply adding in some red and green along with the orange from Halloween. A throw over the arm of the couch in a dark green, textured red pillows, and some added greenery to the mantel along with a basket of fruit and nuts on the table.

Thanksgiving decorations

And now you may have guessed it . . .

After Thanksgiving, it’s time to get ready for Christmas. Well if I planned correctly, all I have to do is subtract the orange from the decorations – taking away the pumpkins and other items. Or let’s think about painting the pumpkins gold and leaving them out if possible because it’s time for addition again – simply adding in some more festive pieces like ornaments, pine cones, garland and stars for Christmas decorations.

Holiday decorations

It really is easy and much faster if you plan ahead. I am not really sure why I have been working hard, and not so smart previously, but things are going to change.

I am going to actually plan my decorations when I first put them out for Halloween, and than do some simple subtraction and addition – using some of the same pieces for the whole cold weather season.

How about you?


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