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Houzz and Pinterest can be fun and helpful websites to visit but they can also evoke feelings of self doubt and house envy.

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Don’t expect your home to look as polished as homes that have been professionally photographed and staged for the perfect shot. However, you can learn what you like and don’t like and can translate that into decorating your home in your own style. Try to be realistic with your custom window treatments in Cincinnati. We can’t all pull off the all white look (Swoon!). Some of us have husbands, children, pets and a life! Ultimately your home is a reflection of things that you love and if that means the Tuscan look or chintz still makes your heart race then that is the style that works for you.

Revisit this past blog post. The client found her vision in Pinterest and that drove the overall design.

Just remember, decorating is suppose to be fun not stressful and your home should be a reflection of your families lifestyle and a reflection of you, not someone in the fashion or paint industry.

Be sure to check out my Pinterest and Houzz idea boards and projects.