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“But my windows aren’t rectangular!”

Thank goodness that window treatments are like us – they come in many shapes and sizes – just like our windows these days.


Standard windows used to be rectangular and by putting two together you could make a different shape – a square. We have come a long way since then! Windows have become more of a decorative feature to your home than just a functional one. They vary in size and are available in circles, hexagons, triangles, half circles, quarter circles, ovals and probably a few more we are missing. This can often stump a homeowner when it comes to deciding a window treatment. Looking outside the box or the norm, is often easier than it sounds.


One way to make things easier with the newer specialty and curved windows, is with curved hardware. We discussed decorative and functional hardware several blogs back. Hardware manufactures are coming up with some elegant curved hardware options that can accentuate the lovely curve of the window:

curved window hardware

If curved hardware is too fancy for you, there is the option of a holdback, or a knob-like accent that the window treatment can be attached to:

curved window holdbacks

Cornice boards make a bold statement when shaped like the curved window:

curved cornices

Often the window shape is still rectangular, it just may be large or several together like in a two-story wall of the family room. In this case, it’s all about designing a custom curtains for curved windows that fits your personality and style of your home:

specialty window treatments


specialty family room windows

There are many new options with shades and shutters currently adapting to the curves and various shapes of modern windows as well:

specialty blinds and shutters

And now we want to share a different idea with a combination of Roman Shades, ironwork and wood molding:

curved window treatments with roman and iron

So just remember, whatever shape or size your specialty or curved windows may be – we can find a perfect solution that fits your style and need.