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Shutters are more than just a design element on your windows and doors that control the light and your privacy; they also add value to your home. Much like your cabinetry, real wood shutters are considered a furniture asset.

 Norman Window Fashions Shutters

Fabric was the first material placed over the window area in homes prior to inserting glass panels. Glass was very expensive. Since the fabric was not a good deterrent of weather, light, peepers or intruders, shutters were added to windows. At first they were flat panels and covered the entire window. Later on they covered the bottom of the window and glass was on the top portion to keep the cost down. When all glass windows became common, shutters were added to the outside of the windows to protect the glass from the elements. Angled slats became popular for shutters to keep the rain off the window as well as letting some light in.

Today shutters are back on the inside of windows and are indeed way more advanced in design and construction. Almost any shape or size of window and door can be fitted for a shutter. Shutters can be used in every room of the home due to the selection of materials used in their creation. Because of this variety of factors in shutter design and construction, we are talking more than just specialty shaped shutters today.

Here is a look at different window shapes fitted with shutters from our friends at Hunter Douglas:

Hunter Douglas shutter shapes

We have a client currently that needs a shutter made to fit an oval window. Ovals come in variety as well – some longer and elliptical and others more rounded. A template is made to create the shutter to fit perfectly over the window. Below is a sample of an oval shutter:

Kim Lyon oval shutter photo

Templates are often needed to get the perfect fit for arch windows too. Once again Hunter Douglas shares their shutters for arches:

HD arched shutters

The room of your home that you need fitted for shutters, may determine the material you choose for the construction. Genuine wood constructed shutters are lightweight, stainable, paintable and strong. Composite or hybrid shutters are made of part wood and part man-made material. Shutters made of all vinyl are the most UV and water resistant, making them the perfect choice for the bath or the kitchen sink area but are usually only available in white or off white colors. The finishes used on the non-wood shutters make it hard to tell if they are made of all wood or composites. There is a shutter to fit every room and every budget.

Shutters for different rooms by HD

Two story windows can be a great place to use shutters. Keep in mind that as long as there is a vertical side, motorization is possible for those high louvers:

Hunter Douglas two story window shutters

Shutters for doors are becoming very popular. Below there are some options showing cut outs around handles, sliding panels and more:

shutters for doors by HD

So as you can see, specialty shutters can be made to fit just about anywhere, in just about any shape, in a wide range of materials and colors to fit your needs. Kim can come to your home and show you samples of the materials and finishes that are right for you. Call or email to set up an appointment today – 513-398-5798

We leave you with shutter photos from our friends at Lafayette:

Lafayette shutters

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