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A brand new Nordstrom department store is opening in my town this week.  There is quite a buzz in the air about it.  Why?  We have other department stores.  Appearing in the Cincinnati Enquirer today, is an article that I believe tells you why.  Nordstrom’s is famous for their customer service.  Not just the normal service, but the kind that makes you stand up and take notice.  I am proud to say that we strive to create the same buzz at Window Accents by Kim Lyon.  We go above and beyond expectations regularly with our clients.  When you start with genuinely nice, friendly people, it is hard to act any other way.  All of our vendors and subcontractors are chosen with the same care.  So, why would you buy a blind from us, when you can buy it anywhere?  As the Enquirer article concludes, “We’re selling a service.  People come here because they like to be taken care of.”   The fact that 60% of our business last year came from repeat clients or their referrals is loud and clear.  Our clients know they will be taken care of.