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Winter has blown in suddenly while leaves still hang on the trees. As I type, leaves fall on top of the snow in the yard. Brrr. Clearly no one and nothing was ready for this so soon.

So let’s move. Let’s move ahead to warmer thoughts, warmer weather – move ahead to spring and summer of 2015.

Let’s take a look at the top ten colors for next year.

The palette according to Pantone and Lee Elseman is cooler, softer and more natural.

This is to follow the trend of our society. We feel constantly connected to everything and everyone and seek to relax, unwind and disconnect to a cool, calm tropical place of peace. So the colors we are about to see are an eclectic mix of subtle cool brights and soft reliable basics that take us back to nature.

The first is Aquamarine

Pantone Aquamarine

Aquamarine is very cool and calming. Associated with water, it helps ease stress and makes us feel rested and dreamy.


Next is Scuba Blue.

Pantone Scuba Blue

Scuba Blue is a definite escape to a tropical island with it’s cool bright combination of blues and greens


Lucite Green is the next color.

Pantone Lucite Green

Lucite green is a minty light color, very retro and contemporary with a light airy feel.


We now go back to basics with Classic Blue.

Pantone Classic Blue

A stable, reliable color that is great for a base or back ground, yet stands on it’s own very well.


Toasted Almond is next.

Pantone Toasted Almond

An organic, suntan, toes-in-the-sand color, Toasted Almond is versatile. It takes us back to nature and works well with all the other nine colors.


We move into pink next with Strawberry Ice.

Pantone Strawberry Ice

Pink always has us cheerful in the spring and summer but this is even more charming and warmer in it’s subtlety.



Pantone Tangerine

Enough said I think. Orange is such a fun color and this one is softer and plays well with the others.


A cool and creamy Custard is the next color on the list.

Pantone Custard

Custard is a sunny cheerful color that is also comfortable and carefree.


Moving a bit darker into Marsala.

Pantone Marsala

The natural earthiness of this soft wine color reminds us of the classic blue with it’s sense of strength and confidence, giving us another color in the palette to stand on.


And finally we have Glacier Gray.

Pantone Glacier Gray

This neutral color like Toasted Almond enhances all the other colors. This gray reminds us of rock – a solid, dependable color that is peaceful and content.


Looking at those colors made me a bit more peaceful and calm as I dreamed of warmer weather. It will get warm again, there’s that, and the fact that if it were warm here all the time, we may not appreciate it so much.

So if you are in the mood to think ahead, plan ahead and get through these colder months with a great attitude, start thinking ahead and planning some creative wardrobe and home decorating ideas for next spring and summer using this great Top Ten Colors of 2015 from Pantone.

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