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Tiebacks for Draperies

Traditional fabric tiebacks are always a popular option for providing shape to your draperies. They are often made from the same fabric as the draperies. Sometimes I add decorative cording or trim, fringes, or beads to provide an accent.

peach color tiebacks for drapes

draperies for the living room


Woven Trim Tiebacks

I also like to use a wide woven trim for a tieback instead of a piece of matching fabric. This works whether or not the trim is also used on the draperies.

White drapes tiebacks

Notice the beautiful pattern on these tiebacks.


Tassel Tiebacks are a Common Favorite

I love using tassels as tiebacks because they come in such a variety of sizes, fibers, and colors. I like using both coordinating or contrasting colors to create a great accent to the window.

tassle tiebacks

I love these tassel tiebacks on elegant draperies.


How to Keep your Tiebacks in Place

Another consideration when choosing tiebacks is how to keep them in place. Many times, small rings on the backs of the tiebacks slip over small hooks that are mounted on the wall. This gives a nice, clean look, but so many other options are available!

Posts with decorative medallions are a wonderful choice. You can get square ones, round ones, metallic ones, painted ones, glass, wood, ceramic, globes, scrollwork, and more.

decorative post tiebacks

Decorative post tiebacks can add a nice tone to the room.


Posts and decorative curved arms mounted on the inside edge of the drapery can act as tiebacks as well.

tiebacks for drapes on a french door

drapes for large windows

These tiebacks really make these large windows look amazing.


Your drapery fabric is just one of the choices you get to decide on when looking for window treatments. Let us help you decide what’ll hold YOUR draperies back.

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