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Top 10 Things to Consider when Purchasing Window Treatments

If you are in the market for new window treatments, the number of choices can be overwhelming. Let these questions below begin your thinking process so that you are better prepared to choose wisely.

1) Consider light control – Is this a bedroom or media room that might require room darkening or blackout shadings? Or do you want to filter the light and soften the glare of direct sunlight?

2) Consider your need for privacy – Is privacy needed at all times, or just certain hours of the day? Do you want the ability to be flexible?

3) Consider the function of the window treatments – whether blinds, shades, shutters, or draperies – do you want them to function (raise/lower or open/close) or stay in one position.

4) Consider energy efficiency – Do you have need to control the loss of energy through the windows, saving money, and making your home more comfortable in summer and winter?

5) Consider a need for motorization – Are your windows out of reach or extra large? Do you see a benefit in scheduling the function of the blinds and shades for energy savings and security from a mobile device?

6) Consider window coverings as part of the décor – Do you want your window coverings to blend in with the walls or bring a pop of color and drama to the room?

7) Consider the direction your windows face – East windows will have the morning sun, north windows have the least amount of direct sunlight, while south and west windows will be the brightest and hottest.

8) Consider how and who uses the room regularly – Is it a family area with active children and pets? Or is it a quiet nook used for reading and study?

9) Consider your budget – Great window fashions are available in a wide range of cost. Know what dollar amount you are comfortable spending on your project, then look for the product lines that will fit.

10) Consider how you want your room to “feel” – That’s right, decorating is all about emotion. Your room will project a feel. Do you want it to be casual, formal, dramatic, peaceful, masculine, feminine, sleek, or rustic?


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