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Most of the current decorating trends are greatly influenced by runway fashion but often there are other influences.

Last summer and into fall, we saw the return of camouflage to the runway. It has been seen on and off again for decades, and first entered the fashion world back as early as 1919. This time however, it has more staying power due to the popularity of TV’s Duck Dynasty and the support of our military. Pants, dresses, skirts, coats, accessories and even shoes, sport the design:

runway camouflage

Camouflage originally developed to conceal the location of soldiers and military weapons late in the 18th century. It started by applying color and material to vehicles, structures, weapons and clothing to deceive the enemy. The original design concept is still there but the color and dimension changes as it enters and re-enters the fashion world. It is still the go-to design for hunters and fisherman and is associated with the great outdoors. Stores geared toward the rugged outdoorsmen have always carried clothing but now they even carry a wide assortment of home decorating items to make the “man cave” feel like the great outdoors:

camouflage man cave

Greenhouse Fabrics have a line of microfibers and vinyls following the camouflage trend. Here are some Mossy Oak and Hidden Tree examples:

Greenhouse camouflage fabrics

You may not want to go all out and use camouflage for everything, but a throw or some pillows can be a great addition. In the fashion world, this applies as well – a little goes a long way. You can purchase a great piece that can fit well into your wardrobe with some other bright colored items you may already have.

Bright neon colors were in and now pattern like camouflage, is trendy. Spring runway looks have lots of pattern  like these Peter Pilotto fashions below, as well as some soft pastel solids.

Peter Pilotto desgins

Just how trendy are you? Will you go for the addition of some Duck Dynasty camouflage in your home this year or the bright mixed patterns of Pilotto?


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