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Maybe it’s because we turned the calendar over this past weekend . . . and maybe because we celebrate Thanksgiving this month . . . but I see triangles and I think PIE!

The Pie or Triangle Shape

I am not sure how a decorative pillow can make me think of pie, pumpkin pie at that, but it does –

So let’s look at more “pies” and investigate . . . the triangle.

Triangles are a basic geometric shape with three sides and then of course, three angles. Triangles have words associated with them like: creativity, harmony, proportion, ascension, integration, culmination, illumination, and subjectivity.

Other geometric shapes like the square or the circle are the same when we turn them on another side. Triangles are different. Mostly we see the triangle pointed up, with a broad base or foundation. This direction is a symbol for male, solar, active, mountain, up and father. In the downward position or the point turned down, a triangle symbolizes female, lunar, passive, down and mother.

triangle pointed up  triangle pointed down

We have also grouped words together in threes to represent a triangle as a whole shape with three parts: mind, body, spirit; mother, father, child; power, intellect, love; past, present, future; and father, son, spirit.

There are not many decorator fabrics that have triangle designs, but many with diamond shapes that are actually two triangles together. We do find that we have done a fair amount of draperies and other window treatment designs with triangle shapes. Here are some draperies with triangle overlays, or flags:

Pie or Triangle shaped Flag overlays on draperies

The pie, or triangle shape is used in Native culture to symbolize the family or the home as with a tee pee. Many of our clients have used this shape to enhance their cornice boards. Here are some photos of cornice boards with triangle shapes:

Cornice Boards with triangle shapes

Triangle Shape Custom Curtains

We have all heard the phrase “a piece of the pie”, meaning having a share in something. Our greatest investment is our family. Perhaps this is why we use this shape in many of our window treatments. Here are several top treatments with triangle flag overlays:

Cornices with triangle overlays

So now I am really in the mood for pie . . . going to get a piece . . .yum . . .


If you are in the mood for pie and perhaps adding some new or revamping some old window treatments for the holidays ExcitingWindows! by Kim Lyon can help you find great decorator fabric and creative designs using pies or other shapes. Just call 513-398-5798 or email – to set up your free in home consultation today.