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Unique Arch Window Treatment Design


Unique Arch Window Curtains

In the above photo you can see some very unique arch window curtains. I have worked with this homeowner several times over the years. She called me because her family room needed updating and she has some challenging arched windows in that room.  Beautiful windows, but challenging, none the less.

Arch windows are some of the most elegant windows, adding a unique design and interest to your home. But their interesting arch shape also makes them difficult to find proper curtains for. Do you choose blinds, curtains or nothing at all to cover your unique arch windows?


Back to the client at hand… I showed her a sketch of this unusual arch custom curtain design and she loved it.  Very different, very fun, very casual – exactly what she had described.


This unique and one of a kind treatment for an arch window garnered this response from the homeowner:


“Window Accents by Kim Lyon did a fabulous job on four of my first floor windows. She did two great looking formal treatments for my living room and dining room, and then some awesome more casual looks for my kitchen and great room. She was a pleasure to work with and so helpful in picking out wonderful fabric/rods. I would definitely recommend Kim to make your home look updated and fabulous!”       Karen W.


Should I Get Curtains for My Arch Windows?


Whether or not to purchase curtains for your arch windows is up to you. I can tell you that after years of working arch windows, they do look amazing with the proper window treatments. Because of their timeless design, arch windows can really make a differenc ein your home’s style.


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