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Wow, we have had some very cold weather this winter season!

Let’s talk about something to warm us up until the weather changes –

Warm colors.

warm colors

Warm colors are the yellows, oranges, and reds.

These warm colors are found abundantly in nature – a sunset, a field of flowers, a basket of vegetables, a pile of leaves, or a warm glowing fire.

warm colors in nature

But when winter sets in and all we see is grey and white and feel dull and cold, we really need these warm colors to cheer us up. We associate attributes to warm colors such as optimism and excitement.

More specifically –

RED: love, passion, heat, joy, power

ORANGE: energy, warmth, change, health

YELLOW: happy, joyful, cheerful, remembrance

So if you’re feeling the winter blues, you can liven and warm things up around your home very easily by changing or adding some simple room décor items. A few bright and sunny pillows, a red throw blanket, some cheery colored plant pots or candles can make a difference.

decorating with warm colors

Many of us use warm colors to decorate in our home year round. We are naturally drawn to the deep reds, the rusty oranges and the golden yellows to keep our homes comfy and cozy all the time.  Lots of rich textured fabrics come in warm colors to use for our bedding, draperies, pillows, and furniture.

warm fabric samples

more warm fabric color sample

At Exciting Windows by Kim Lyon we love these fabrics and would love to bring some to you. Call or email Kim for a free in-home consultation today to find out how you can add some warmth and coziness to your home this winter.


(Living room photo from BHG)