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You have to wonder “Why?” after all these years in business; I decided to open a design studio. Working out of my home for nearly 20 years has been so wonderful for our family, but it definitely has some down sides, as well.  I will get to those in a moment.DSC_0087

It all started when my husband, Greg, expressed an interest in joining me in business. He has spent 37 years in the financial planning industry and decided that for a second career he would like to sell something more tangible, like window blinds. The more we talked the more excited we became about the possibilities.

I dream of a design studio where clients can see, touch, and feel both the hard treatments (blinds, shades, shutters) and the soft treatments (draperies and valances). There are endless resources for drapery hardware and trimmings, and even other specialty items that I want people to be aware of. There is just only so much I can fit in that van of mine. I wanted a location where clients could come and view all these things on a grander scale. I hope it will be helpful to visit the design studio before our in home appointment so that you can explore the many options.

Just last week, I was on an appointment and the person asked me if there was a place he could come see these things. I have also heard many times “Can I come look through fabrics in your studio?” We will still always offer in home consultations and service because the fact that final decisions on color and style need to be made in the room where they will be viewed hasn’t changed. But people shop differently and we want to provide options for everyone.

DSC_0089Motorization is another motivator for the design studio. We will have powered blinds and shades, as well as a motorized drapery rod on display. The interactive experience will greatly increase the understanding of these products.

While the biggest reason for the move is for the client’s benefit, I certainly have some selfish reasons, too. My house is being over run by fabrics and boxes! Fortunately, over the years the business has grown tremendously. Daily deliveries of boxes of blinds or bolts of fabric are stacked in every corner.

I have an awesome set up in my garage for storing fabric books (and I have a lot!). It was designed and installed by a local closet company. But, for instance, I currently have two clients that I need to search through all the books looking for perfect fabrics and it is FREEZING out there! I can’t wait to have a nice climate controlled space, with good lighting and music playing in the background. Don’t you agree I will be free to be so much more creative when my teeth aren’t chattering!

DSC_0093We plan to have regular events at the store to draw people in. Think “Wine and Design” type events. We will have speakers on a variety of topics that might interest our clientele. I have often thought of events I would like to hold, but coming up with a venue was always difficult. No more…. our new studio will even have a kitchenette for such events. I can’t wait to fill the room with women having a great time learning something new and making new friends. I look forward to being an integral part of the Loveland business community.