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Guide to Window Seat Window Treatments

The window seat is a cozy, comfy spot to enjoy a minute to relax.

You can look out at the wonders of nature, or close your eyes and have a peaceful “me” moment.  Often the natural light is the draw to sit and read, or work on a handheld project such as knitting or hand sewing, in everyone’s favorite spot, the window seat.

Window Seat

The window seat was originally an actual seating piece of upholstered furniture becoming quite popular in the 18th century in Georgian and Victorian style interiors. Today we see window seating as built-ins in newly constructed homes.

This relaxing spot draws our attention as it suggests we have spare time to relax and unwind while gazing at the beautiful outdoors. Maybe that is why we like it so much.

Window seats are typical in an alcove, bay window, under a window between shelving, or in a nook, created to make seating for a kitchen table. A great feature is the extra storage space found underneath.

Bedroom and Kitchen window seats

How can a window seat make a space great?

First, the cushion is very important. The cushion must be shaped to fit the seat, be ever so comfortable, and made from durable fabric. A cover with a zipper for removal and cleaning is ideal. The cushion is usually the largest part of the overall design and will look best, when cording is added to coordinate with the window treatment and the pillows.

Yes, pillows! Pillows are the next big thing. Lots of cozy comfy pillows to lean on and snuggle with in case you decide to catch a quick power nap.

Window Seat Pillows

You also need window treatments!

It is important to remember when picking out window treatments for your window seat, that the treatment does not get in the way of the person or persons who will sit there. “Lean-ability” and relaxation is the focus. I suggest choosing a top treatment like a swag, cornice or valance.

Adding curtains above your window seat is a great way ti enhance the style and feel of the area. Depending on your home’s style, you might need to select a certain type of curtain to go above your window seat.

Top treatments are featured on the website in their own photo gallery but here are a few:

Top Treatments

Cornices and Swags

You can use blinds, shades, or shutters on the window but remember once again that you want to choose something will not inhibit your ability to lean back in your window seat. Installing hard treatments on the inside of the window frame will usually solve that issue.

Don’t be surprised if you find one of your guests cat napping in your favorite spot!

If you have a window seat in need of a new cozy comfy design, call Kim at 513-398-5798 or email her – for your in-home consultation.