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Window treatment trim is our subject today.

Every woman knows that you can wear a great outfit but adding some bling – accessorizing – makes a statement.

Accessories make a good look, look great.

The same applies to your window treatments.

Adding some trim to the edge, a tassel tieback, or a medallion, can do so much. Trims can bring all the colors in the space together, accent the architecture and add that special touch.

You can think of a tieback as a belt; a tassel, like earrings.

Here are some pictures to show you some examples:

window treatment medallion

Decorative Tieback with Medal Medallion



Window Treatment with Loop Fringe

Yarn and Ribbon Loop Fringe

Window Treatment with Cording

Decorative Cording

Window Treatment with Tassel Tieback

Cord Tieback with Tassel









Window Treatment with Black Bead Trim

Bead Trim

Window Treatment with Beads


Window Treatment Bead Trim with Tassel

Bead Trim with Tassel

Window Treatment with Tassel Trim

Tassel Trim

Window Treatment with Accent Beading

Beaded Accent Trim

Window treatment trim

is available in an endless variety of colors, textures, shapes and materials – yarns, ribbons, beads, cords, braids, buttons, rosettes, naturals and metallics.  And in every style to suit your personality – playful little surprises of color and sparkle – to warm inviting textures of sophistication.

And the best part is – you can simply add some bling to your existing window treatments to give them an updated look this dreary winter season without having to change the treatments themselves. Need ideas? Contact us 513-398-5798.