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Have you seen the House Hunter’s show on HGTV?  A couple is searching for a new home, they look at three properties, weigh the pros and cons of each, and then decide which one is right for them.  Choosing a curtain size design can be much the same process.  I am currently working with a couple that had a difficult time deciding how to treat their arched dining room window.  The very large window is on the front of the house, so they felt on display to all their neighbors.  It also faces west, so the sun has begun to fade everything in the room, as well as just be too bright to look at in the late afternoon.  They also felt it was time to add some fabric to soften the room and add a decorative element.  With privacy, light control, and decorative design in mind we set out to find the perfect solution for them.  With so many options, what would they choose?  They settled on applying a window film for the light control and adding a Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shade for the privacy.  Specialty Hardware was used as integral part of the decorative design.  Simple, angled curtains hang from the hardware and gently held into graceful folds with tassel tiebacks.


Design Project in Mason, OH