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Last time we discussed Bling for your window treatments. Hardware can definitely bring some bling to the scene as well.

Hardware for your window treatments is referring to the rings, brackets, poles, finials and holdbacks that are the functional and often very decorative part of your treatments. We are not just talking here about the little metal parts that actually attach to the wall – nope – the parts that you definitely see and can be very much a bling-thing.

Window treatment hardware can be put into three categories: decorative, functional, and then both decorative and functional together.

Functional hardware is simple, plain, and is there to serve a very useful purpose. Examples of functional hardware are plain rods for stationary curtains or traverse curtain rods that are usually covered by a valance or a cornice board.

window treatment hardware - curtain rod      window treatment hardware - traverse rod      window treatment hardware - functional rods


Decorative hardware is simply that – decorative. It has no function but to hold the treatments in place and add a bit of bling. It completes the window and the room.

window treatment hardware - scroll      window treatment hardware - rods     window treatment hardware - gold finial

Let’s talk about and view some specific decorative parts –


Finials can be considered window jewelry. They give windows a wide range of looks while coordinating with other elements of the room being decorated. Metal is a more contemporary medium, while wood provides warmth and traditional style. Glass is another popular choice.

window treatment hardware - glass finials      window treatment hardware - wood finialwindow treatment hardware - fancy finial      window treatment hardware - just finials


You can use decorative brackets of wood or metal to hold up and match your rods or use them as scarfholders or even shelf brackets.

window treatment hardware - bracket


Holdbacks add another finishing touch to your window treatments by coordinating accessories and allowing light to flow into the room. Holdbacks can also be used to actually hang the window treatments as shown in these photos:

window treatment hardware - holdback        window treatment hardware - holdbacks


Rings can be both decorative and functional depending on the rod used. Some rods are in the third category of both functional and decorative. Rings help fabric panels slide along the rod easily while bringing decorative elements to the window. They are used for an easy way to attach the fabric to the pole with clips or eyelets that work with curtain pins.

window treatment hardware - rings and finialwindow treatment hardware - rings and pole

All of these choices can be a bit overwhelming – but there’s no need to panic – I can expertly lead you in the direction that suits your home and your tastes, to come up with a perfect match of hardware, fabric and functionality.