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Colorful, textured, glossy fabric trim can make your window treatment come alive!

trims of all sorts

Years ago, prior to the industrial revolution, trimmed furnishings and garments were associated with royalty, aristocracy, religious and military.

This is due to the fact that these elaborate embellishments were considered an art, made and applied by hand. In France, one had to be an apprentice for several years before they could become a part of the Passementerie Guild. The Guild made various styles of passementerie that include tassels, fringes, pompons, rosettes, gimps, and cords.

These expensive, high status trimmings became much more affordable and more widely used after the industrial revolution when machine woven trimmings were introduced into the market place. Machine woven trims and commercially made trims of today can be just as intricate as some of the hand made ones of long ago.

Trim adds character, style and pizazz to window treatments, furnishings and garments today. Available in a wide variety of styles, trim can be that extra added touch you were looking for to take your window treatments to the next level.

Trim is bling for your windows!

Let’s look closer at some of the trim types we use for window treatments and accessories:

First we have contrasting fabric or corded fabric trim attached to the edge of the treatment –

contrasting fabric cording or trim

Bead trim adds glimmering texture to the edge or the center of a window treatment –

beaded trim

Twist cord adds interest and ties the colors together –

twist cord on pillow and cornice boards

Loop fringe is made with lots of colorful strands that are often different textures –

loop fringe

Tassels are always a popular choice –

tassel trim for drapes

Brush fringe is a linear gathering of individual strands –

brush fringe

And our last trim type is bullion fringe. It is similar to the brush fringe but the strands are either braided or twisted before they are gathered in a line. This trim is also known as mop fringe –

bullion fringe

If you desire new window treatments or accessories with character or just want to add some bling to your existing treatments  – contact Kim today!

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