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window treatments in cincinnatiSliding doors are an excellent accessory/investment for every home. These doors not only offer style and convenience, but also provide other added benefits such as energy efficiency, natural light, security, and also add value to your home. Although useful, finding the right treatments for these windows/doors can be challenging at times. Finding the right window treatments to dress up the sliding glass door, without reducing its functionality or purpose, is a challenge for many people.

Outlined below are a few tips to help you choose the best option for your door(s) by using window treatments in Cincinnati.

1. Custom Shades and Blinds

Custom made blinds and window shades are perfect window treatments for sliding glass doors. You can have a custom window designer design these shades based on your preferences, style, and size of the sliding doors. Vertical blinds are the most common and most chosen window treatments for these doors, as they come with plastic or metal slats hanging from a top rail. The slats can be rotated partially or fully, depending on the amount of light you want to pass through the glass. But there are so many more choices today.

Sliding door shades are also a preferred option here, as they hang on track, where they overlap in segments blocking visibility or light, and also stack neatly together when the panels are drawn open. You, however, should look for a good and trustworthy supplier to get you some of these sliding shades.

2. Plantation Shutters

These popular window treatments are also a great option for sliding doors. Many people prefer plantation shutters as they provide a polished look on the windows, and are also available in hinged or slide-open varieties. Hinged plantation shutters swing to open or shut, while others slide to open on their track. There are plenty of options to go for when using plantation shutters. Plantation shutters, therefore, make these doors more practical and easier to use too.

3. Curtains Panels

Curtain panels provide one of the simplest ways to dress expansive sliding doors in homes. All one needs to do is find matching or patterned curtains to use as window treatments. While this can be handled easily with an in-home consultation with Kim Lyon, custom window designer to help you out. Nevertheless, you will need long, sturdy rods to hang these curtains on. You will also need easy-to-slide rings to allow drawing the curtains from the doors, or to control the amount of light passing through. Experts also recommend going for lined curtains, or sheers, to help filter out harsh sun rays.

4. Side-Mounted Panels

This entails using decorative window curtains mounted on sliders to help control light and visibility in the room. These sliders should be on a rod mounted on adjacent to the sliding glass door to provide a barrier-free zone when using the door. The best thing about side-mounted panels is that you can have a motorized one.

The four options outlined above should help you have an idea on how to make unique ones. Kim Lyon, with over 20 years experience, can come to your home and help you find the right choices for your style and budget. Call 513-398-5798.

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